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This app contains SEVEN PARKS TOTAL for the WHOLE UNITED STATES. Its been quite a while since I downloaded this app, and nothing has changed. The words in the description "My Parx gives you quality information on parks, from municipal parks to state and national parks," and the line about "More parks are being added to the app daily," are complete nonsense and grossly overstated. Maybe SOMEDAY the app will have some information about parks. (Yo developers, ever heard of a little park called Yellowstone??? Its missing. So is Denali. And Rocky Mountains. And the Grand Canyon. And Yosemite. And.... You get the idea.) It does have a nice interface, and some potential. But at launch, it is an extremely wimpy app for what it claims to do.

Needs work

Thank goodness this app was free. You have to know the name of the park you looking for or nothing comes up. If I am in an area I dont know then odds are I am not going to know the name of a park. Id just be looking for some place neat to see. I will be taking this off my phone!

Would be awesome if it worked

5 crashes in the first five minutes, and its telling me the park down the street from me has a half basketball court, which it unfortunately doesnt... Nowhere to report inaccuracies either. Lastly, no option to track my location only when using the app, either always on or always off... Deal breaker.

Pretty buggy

Great list of parks in my local area. Needs a lot of data on each but that will come. Main complaint is the app freezes every time I access a park to find info on it. Cant back out. Had to crash the app each time I used it in order to look a new park. Hope you fix this soon.

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